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Dione Kenyon 
President at The Jewelers Board of Trade

"I've known and admired the work of Ann Arnold over 10 years during which she Chaired the Board of the Women's Jewelry Association, taking it to an entirely new level, successfully managed her jewelry company, Lieberfarb, and has ably served on the Board of The Jewelers Board of Trade, where she provides a great deal of strategic insight, unfailing participation and support. Ann is a leader, a doer, passionate about everything she becomes involved with, but especially the diamond and jewelry industry. She has that rare blend of strong financial acumen and skills as well as expertise in marketing and communication,. She is a talented executive who can meaningfully contribute at any level of a business or organization. I recommend Ann to individuals and companies who want to improve their operations, develop new strategies for success, and grow their bottom line."

Brooke Winfrey 

Russell Korman Jewelers

"I've been in this industry for 28 years and my company has been doing business with Lieberfarb even longer.  We lost our best wholesale/retail partners when Ann stepped away from Lieberfarb.  Our loss is a giant bonus for the jewelry industry.  Our bridal business was always good but grew and strengthened with Ann's hands-on attention.  Ann put together spreadsheets with our entire inventory, monitored sell-through and keyed in on best sellers.  We've carried many high end bridal brands and carry the finest in watch brands.  We have never had a vendor with a cleaner, more well producing line than Lieberfarb because of Ann Arnold.  Working with Ann makes you feel like she is part of your company.  If you do not succeed and grow Ann is not happy.  Ann has been an integral part of our growth and success."

Hayley Dinerman
VP, Locktight Solutions

“What sets AAG apart is their personalized approach to business consulting.  We never felt that we were receiving a one-size-fits-all solution.  AAG took the time to research our business, our philosophy, our vertical market and all the challenges associated with that space.  They then developed and implemented customized solutions to strengthen our business in innumerable ways.”

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