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Strong Teams lead to Success

Strong Teams lead to Success Football season has begun, YEAH! OK, so I have to admit I am a glutton for punishment, I have been a JETS fan for years. But regardless of that fact, I do truly love the game. I recently read an article on the ways to make special teams strong (for those not in football, the special teams only come out to play in certain situations, mainly during the kicking game). One thing that strikes me every year is how some teams just seem to gel, they come together and just work well. How do they do it? What can we learn from them? And how do we apply it to what we do every day? It is no secret, and I am sure you have heard over and over, that your success depends on the team you create within your organization. Just like special teams, that are not utilized during the whole game, with the holiday season upon us, now is a great time to revisit the key elements in building and sustaining a strong team that will produce results.

FIND GREAT PLAYERS In order for a football team to win, they have to have great players. This is probably the most obvious statement you have ever read, right? But it deserves to be repeated. So many times I see companies that will hold onto team members that are not performing up to their ability. What is the definition of a “great player “? These are usually the people that the less energetic people on the team complain about being overzealous. They go the extra mile, they embrace the goals of the organization, and they are willing to work with others to accomplish those goals. In Jim Collins book, “Good to Great” he talks about getting the right people on the bus, do you have the right people on your bus?

FIND TIME TO PRACTICE No football team shows up on opening day without putting in a lot of practice time. Do you practice with your team members? Do you meet with them regularly to go over short term and long term goals? Do you constantly train them, on everything, from customer service to product knowledge? How often? As you may be hiring some temporary or new employees, are they up to speed and regularly trained so that they can be a true team player?

OUTWORK YOUR OPPONENT Many football teams lax in their devotion to the kicking game and special teams. If you are bringing in any temporary help for the holiday season, or have anything special you are doing, don’t forget to address them and encourage them every day, starting in practice! Also, don’t forget this holiday season to go that extra mile. That goes beyond just trying to make the sale happen and gift wrapping. Don’t forget your basic selling tips. Get to know your customer, make them feel important, make sure the experience is A+.

Things will hopefully get hectic over the next couple of months, especially the week before Christmas. Remember your keys to success, and don’t let your eye off the ball. Continuing to develop your strong team, even during the toughest times, will only ensure a greater success. Happy Holidays!

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